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Serve Rally Play


Play for Fun, Play for Life

srp_web-home.pngAt RecTennis, we know the benefits that come from learning and playing tennis. Regardless of your skill level, this sport can improve your physical, mental and emotional health. You can meet friends and build up your own confidence. And of course, it’s just fun.

Serve Rally Play provides the next step for recreational participants who want to further develop skills and engage in fun, informal competition. If you’re reconnecting with tennis or looking for an introduction to the basics of tennis – serve, rally and scoring -then sign up for the RecTennis Serve Rally Play program! 

Details of Serve Rally Play Program

Serve Rally Play is open to teens, adults and seniors. We offer eveing and weekend sessions in the summer and year round in select areas. Sessions run 90 minutes. Participants should bring water or other refreshments.

While maintaining a fun atmosphere, our USTA-trained instructors help prepare you for playing tennis at a more competitive level. Program curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to skill development
  • Serve, rally and score instruction
  • Friendly rally play

Serve Rally Play Rates

Sessions cost $15 each. We also offer a limited number of scholarships for those who need financial help. 

United States Tennis Association Pacific Northwest

RecTennis is proud to be part of the Pacific Northwest section of the United States Tennis Association, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to promoting the sport of tennis. USTA/PNW also organizes instruction, leagues and tournaments for players of various ages and skill levels. Visit pnw.usta.com for information on signing up and playing in competitions.

Our Other Programs

Not ready for the tennis fun to end? RecTennis offers other programs throughout the rest of the year as well. Click the links below to learn more: