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Tennis Afterschool Zone


Teaching Kids Tennis and Life Skills

TAZ_web-home.pngAs a parent, you want to do as much as you can for your children:

  • Give them the chance to play and have fun
  • Keep them safe while ensuring that they grow up strong, healthy and active
  • Give them opportunities to develop skills that will help them succeed as adults

RecTennis takes great pleasure in helping families do all of the above. We’ve designed our Tennis Afterschool Zone (TAZ) program to help kids become better people as well as better tennis players.

Details of Tennis Afterschool Zone Program

RecTennis works with local schools to bring TAZ to their students. Sessions start immediately after school and are typically held in a school’s gymnasium. Our program runs through all seasons of the school year (winter, spring, fall). To learn more about summer programs, click here.

Composed of eight 60-minute sessions, our program fulfills the national standards for physical education programs:

  • Helps kids develop important motor skills
  • Teaches concepts and strategies involving physical movement and performance
  • Shows children how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and fitness
  • Helps kids learn social and personal responsibility
  • Helps children recognize the social benefits of being physically active

Developed for children from pre-K to 6th grade, TAZ uses tennis equipment sized right for kids. We provide smaller-sized racquets and low-compression starter balls to help your kids have fun and develop skills.

As part of the program, kids also receive:

  • Tennis and life skills curricula
  • Loaner tennis equipment
  • Music
  • Prizes
  • Optional RecTennis Merchandise

Our TAZ curriculum combines fun activities with lessons in leadership, teamwork and other important concepts and principles. While your kids are playing and enjoying themselves, they also learn valuable life skills that will come in handy when they grow up.

Afterschool Program Pricing

One eight-session program costs $64 ($8 for kids enrolled in Title 1 schools).

Limited scholarships are available for families who need assistance paying fees. People who sign up early get a free hat or other piece of swag (limit one per season)!

Registration for TAZ opens at the following times:

  • Fall: July 1
  • Winter: December 1
  • Spring: January 1

Kids who participate in TAZ should bring water to ensure that they stay properly hydrated.

Our Other Programs

Not ready for the tennis fun to end? RecTennis offers other programs throughout the rest of the year as well. Click the links below to learn more: